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Top 15 Restaurants in Dayton, OH

    Bank on CJ Chan for Authentic Chinese and Japanese Cuisines

  1. CJ Chan
  2. 536 Wilmington Ave
    (937) 259-9866
    C.J Chan may be a shoddy strip mall, but its lip-smacking delicacies are sure to blow your mind away. Whether you desire to dine in, order take-out, get sashimi or sample their Chinese dishes like kung po chicken and lo mein, you’re bound to keep coming back for more. Apart from the food being delicious, the portions that they offer are sizable. In addition to that, the pricing is quite affordable and the fast service is like the icing on the cake!

    Rue Dumaine: The One-Stop Spot For French Food Lovers

  3. Rue Dumaine
  4. 1061 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd
    (937) 610-1061
    With an elegant environment and exhaustive menu featuring typical French fare, Rue Dumaine aims to please. Their French dishes are made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. You can begin with their charcuterie plate before choosing the main course from their Bistro menu.
    While the menu is revised on a regular basis, you can almost swear on their braised beef short ribs, fish specials, hangar steak as well as the pork and book medallions. Having creme brûlée for dessert is a must to ensure a happy ending!

    Taqueria Mixteca- The Place to Munch Juicy Mexican Flavored Bombs

  5. Taqueria Mixteca
  6. 1609 E 3rd St
    (937) 258-2654
    Taqueria Mixteca is one of those places to eat in Dayton, OH where you’ll find the best guacamole to gorge upon. Apart from that, it offers delectable white queso with jalapenos! All the dishes are made with fresh ingredients. You can try their crunchy chorizo, or have a six mini tacos meal. The beef tongue and shredded goat burritos are simply out of the world! This little restaurant fulfills all your gastronomic needs to the core and the best part is that you can always purchase some alcohol next door to wash down your scrumptious meal!

    Let the Meatballs at Wheat Penny Woo Your Taste Buds

  7. Wheat Penny Oven And Bar
  8. 515 Wayne Ave
    (937) 496-5268
    Wheat Penny encloses a spacious and warm atmosphere, with artistic decor and a casual ambiance for hanging out with friends and gorging on some scrumptious California-styled pizzas, eggplant fries with yogurt sauce and slow-cooked porchetta.
    Their cocktail menu is so surprisingly diverse that you’re sure to keep coming back for more. The same can be said about their homemade sodas too. Do try their meatballs appetizer and their warm beignets with chocolate sauce and creme Anglaise, before you head for home!

    Feast on Decadent Burgers at Tank’s Bar And Grill

  9. Tank’s Bar & Grill
  10. 2033 Wayne Ave
    (937) 252-2249
    Tank’s Bar & Grill is one of those rare places to eat in Dayton, OH that offers considerable versatility for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Their prize-winning roadkill chili, as well as peanut butter and jelly club are sure to woo your taste buds like never before. However, the real attractions are the burgers, which take all the points for being juicy, massive and filling! Served with a portion of hand-chopped fries, they are made with fresh ingredients and large enough to satisfy even the biggest foodies out there.
    To top it all, Tank’s Bar & Grill metes out services till 2:30 a.m. That’s why they’re the perfect place to stop for a midnight meal of burgers, ground chuck, grilled onions and fresh mushrooms layered on a toasted bun.

    Feast on a Lavish Brunch at Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery

  11. Lucky’s Taproom & Eatery
  12. 520 E 5th St
    (937) 222-6800
    Complete with twenty rotating beer taps, a lavish brunch and decadent burgers of grass-fed beef, Lucky’s Taproom is undoubtedly one of the best spots to go anytime you want. While their grits and shrimp and breakfast tacos are incredible, their chicken and waffles are surely the best you’ll ever come across. Try the maple glazed sausage or the hickory smoked bacon as side-dish.

    Fancy the Pancakes of Butter Cafe

  13. Butter Cafe
  14. 1106 Brown St
    (937) 985-9917
    The presence of a casual environment, locally sourced food, an exhaustive selection of gluten-free cookies, and free-range and organic meats make Butter Cafe the best spot of Dayton for a delightful breakfast or brunch. While everything about this place is marvelous, the pancakes are surely the major attraction here. From almond joy and jelly donuts to pumpkin pie and red velvet, you’ll find all sorts of pancakes here. And to revive from the sweet shock, you can always count on their strong coffee.

    Savor the Spicy Food at Thai 9

  15. Thai 9
  16. 11 Brown St
    (937) 222-3227
    Situated at the heart of the Historic Oregon District, this wonderful restaurant opens up to a spacious and splendidly decorated dining room, having high ceilings and a pleasant ambiance. Prize-winners on the menu include the basil mussels, sushi rolls, and pineapple fried rice. However, if you wish to dine on nothing but the best, try the red curry duck that comes topped with lip-smacking, flavorful sauce.

    Trigger Your Taste Buds at Jimmie’s Ladder 11

  17. Jimmie’s Ladder 11
  18. 936 Brown St
    (937) 424-1784
    Set in an outdated firehouse, this pub-like spot is quite popular for featuring rather interesting firehouse memorabilia. Built in 1892, this place serves cold drafts, mind-blowing wines and a host of specialty cocktails, such as the firehouse martini, served with fireball cinnamon whiskey.
    The menu basically features everything, right from healthy salads and filling burgers, to delicious steaks and pasta dishes. Sample the butter pasta and noodles if you don’t care for calories. Wash it down with a bottle of Black Stallion chardonnay and end the feast with home-made dessert!

    Sample the Beavercreek’s Pizza to Forget the New York Style Pizza!

  19. Beavercreek Pizza Dive
  20. 4021 Dayton Xenia Rd
    (937) 431-8669
    If you spent your life thinking that the pizzas of New York are the best, you may need to reassess your opinion, or maybe visit the Beavercreek Pizza Dive! Deemed as one of the best places to eat in Dayton, OH, their pizzas are delectable enough to rival the much-hyped New York pizzas. They hand toss fresh dough every day, layer it with some special sauce and rub garlic on the crust. And if that’s not all, they use cream cheese for the topping as well.
    It’s recommended to order their homemade pretzels of cinnamon sugar that come with a frosting of cream cheese. This guarantees a sweet ending to your hearty meal!

    Experience Resplendent Private Dining at Salar

  21. Salar Restaurant & Lounge
  22. 400 E 5th St
    (937) 203-3999
    Salar flaunts a unique atmosphere which comes across as both casual and elite. Complete with valet parking, this green-certified restaurant offers delectable fusion cuisines, that include Peruvian food majorly as well as some aspects of French and Mediterranean cooking.
    The Marcona and goat cheese salad with raspberries and the delicately seasoned fish entrees are surely the winners in the menu. For a complete experience of self-indulging, experience private dining at “The Chef’s Table and order their mouthwatering seafood patella.

    Treat Yourself at Coco’s Bistro

  23. Coco’s Bistro
  24. 250 Warren St
    (937) 228-2626
    Coco’s Bistro is the one-stop dining destination for all those who adore an elite ambiance with first-class service and lavish dining options. The chefs are known for their ability to combine unconventional flavors and recipes to perfection. You’ll find peculiar dishes on their menu, like the sage-topped maple duck, the red trout with orange, caramelized butter and the mango-glazed ahi tuna. If you’re a fan of hors d’oeuvres, try out the pepper bacon covered scallops or the rich, lump crab Gorgonzola fondue.

    Revel in the Artistry of Meadowlark’s Sandwiches!

  25. Meadowlark Restaurant
  26. 5531 Far Hills Ave
    (937) 434-4750
    Meadowlark is a small, chef-run restaurant that offers mouthwatering, home-style American food, to the likes of cornbread, clear soup, grilled meats, sandwiches as well as fresh fish. Made with a huge array of Dorothy Lane artisan bread and crispy baguettes from the Boosalis Baking Company, all their dishes carry a unique zest of flavor, thanks to their home-made mustard-mayonnaise mix.

    Take a Tour of Colombia with La Colombiana

  27. La Colombiana
  28. 2495 Commons Blvd
    (937) 306-8096
    This little restaurant is known for serving authentic Colombian food in rich and strong flavors. You will find a wide range of options here, right from vegan and gluten-free recipes to paleo dishes. Some of the hot favorites include empanadas, pineapple gratin, fried plantains as well as crisp pork belly.

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