10 Best Restaurants in Dayton, Ohio

Yeah, you guessed it. We are experts on garage door installation in Dayton, Ohio and cuisine! If you want to have the best delicacies in Dayton or simply want to visit a restaurant that offers unparalleled services, there are so many options available for you. In a town filled with numerous restaurants like Dayton, identifying the best ones is a daunting affair. However, amid all these restaurants, there are some which have managed to out-muscle the rest with their outstanding meals and services. Let’s look at the best ten restaurants in this region.

  1. Taqueria Mixteca
  2. For the best Mexican delicacies, this is your bet. Located on 1609 E 3rd St, Taqueria Mixteca offers the best guacamole in the region. That’s not all, they also offer the best white queso topped up with jalapeños for an amazing finish. To spice up your eating experience, they add some mouth-watering fresh ingredients and flavors to every meal. Whether you want their delicious Chorizo or simply want to try out their beef tongue, you won’t regret it. You could also try their shredded goat burritos for a change. In a jiffy, this taqueria wraps up every delicacy you can think of in one place!

  3. CJ Chan
  4. For those who find Chinese and Japanese foods irresistible, this is where you need to be headed to. Located in 536 Wilmington Ave, they offer all Chinese and Japanese inspired delicacies. Whether you want the famous lo Mein or simply want to awaken that eating giant in you with their professionally prepared Kung po chicken, they are all available and ready. And yes, when you want to dine in or simply want a takeaway meal, every arrangement is already put in place to facilitate all your desires. Not only do they offer enough portions but also provide delicious meals which will have you going back for more. Guess what? Their prices are all pocket-friendly!

  5. Tank’s Bar & Grill
  6. Kick start your day with a juicy burger or end your day with an awesome dinner at this restaurant. Located in 2033 Wayne Ave, Tank’s Bar & Grill offers the best breakfast and dinner meals in Dayton. With world-class chili and impressive peanut butter to accompany your breakfast, you will definitely love their meals. Despite all their amazing delicacies, I hands-up admit that their burger which is served with awesomely-prepared fries is the best. Try out their mushroom or ground chunk and you will love it. You can also try out grilled onion placed on a toasted bun if you want to explore something new. Closing at 2.30 am, you can hang around till late night for a few drinks and some fun.

  7. Olive, an Urban Dive
  8. Located in 416b E 3rd St, Olive, an Urban dive lets you dive into some sumptuous delicacies which leave you asking for more. Although its location might have you reconsidering your decision of coming over, just stay calm till you get in! When you are inside this restaurant, guess what will welcome you first, waiters? Probably not! Even before their attendants welcome you, a sweet aroma will have welcomed you in. With local arts properly and perfectly displayed, the view is itself fulfilling. And yes, when you have your plate of roasted pork belly topped up with blackstrap molasses, that’s when you will understand why they are so famous. You might also opt to have a plate of fried leeks which come with aioli as an appetizer.

  9. Thai 9
  10. You are never done eating in Dayton before you visit the famous Thai 9. Located at 11 Brown St, this is one restaurant whose beautiful and spacious nature is second to none. You could either try out their basil mussels, sushi rolls or pineapple fried rice. If you like trying new things, you could opt for the red curry duck dipped in a delicious and flavourful sauce. They have really awesome meals for you.

  11. Beavercreek Pizza Dive
  12. Located in 4021 Dayton Xenia road, this is where you need to be if you want the best pizza in town. And yes, a great pizza is not the only thing they are famous for. At Beavercreek Pizza Dive, their pizza is topped with cream cheese which takes the experience a notch higher. You can also ask for one of their homemade cinnamon sugar pretzels which come with cream cheese frosting. You will definitely love them!

  13. Coco’s Bistro
  14. Coco’s Bistro is another great restaurant in Dayton which offers some amazing delicacies. Located at 250 Warren St, this is the place to be when you want to have a quiet and nice time. Combining different flavors at appropriate proportions, the chefs prepare finger-licking meals. With numerous options, you could choose their sage-crusted maple duck, red trout with orange butter, or just go for the scallops which are wrapped with pepper bacon.

  15. La Colombiana
  16. Serving all authentic Colombian delicacies, La Colombiana will definitely take care of your craving for a quality meal. For sweet empanadas or crispy pork bellies, they have all of them at affordable prices. To vegan and gluten-free meals, this is the place to be. In fact, la Colombiana is a perfect place for the whole family

  17. Jimmie’s Ladder 11
  18. Located at 936 Brown St, this is a complete package with awesome meals and quality drinks. When you want to enjoy your favorite food or want to have a drink, this is where you ought to be. With some cold drafts, unique cocktails and awesome wines, Jimmie’s ladder 11 is simply breath-taking. And yes, you will have an opportunity to ask for anything from salads to burgers, steaks to pasta dishes or house-made desserts.

  19. Meadowlark Restaurant
  20. Finally, Meadowlark restaurant is also great. Located at 5531 Far Hills Ave, this is a chef-owned restaurant which prides itself for coming up with some of the greatest home-style American dishes. If you want cornbread, fresh fish, Grilled meat, sandwiches or hearty soups, they have all that in plenty. They customize every meal to suite your desires.

Armed with this information, I believe that you are in a better position to make an informed decision on which restaurant to visit in Dayton. Make sure it offers your favorite meal although trying something new isn’t a bad idea after all. Given Dayton’s wide range of foods, you can never miss something to quench your hunger in these outstanding restaurants.

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