Garage Door Installation Dayton

penel-replace-garage-doors-middletown-ohA garage door installation is not extremely hard work for people who are good with their hands, confident in their abilities, and good at following instructions. A lot of study and proper tools can go a long way. Still, if this does not describe you, then you would be better off letting the experts like Dayton Garage Door Pros take care of it.

Only Trust Knowledgeable and Skilled Garage Door Techs

There are several points where small mistakes become big problems later, such as improper garage door opener placement, sloppy spring and stiffener alignment. When you request garage door installation Dayton Garage Door Pros will deploy a team of skilled garage door install technicians to your property for taking the proper measurements and performing a perfect set-up.

Initial Garage Door Installation Steps

None of the major steps involved with garage door installation should ever be skipped. Skipping these steps is the sign of shoddy garage door installer more focused on cutting corners than doing a great job.
The first consideration is the stiffness of the door. A stiffener should be installed along the top edge of the garage door. Any garage door without this piece will be likely to bend and flex every single time the door is moved. This will eventually cause warping and loosening of screws and bolts. That warping can lead to the door jamming. Next, the garage door opener should be centered perfectly with the door. If the automatic opener is off center, it will place uneven stress on the door.

Mounting the Garage Door in Place

After installing a stiffened garage door to a perfectly centered garage door opener trolley, the counterbalance to the door needs to be adjusted at an increment of one foot until the door is fully raised. This will make the door more stable and easier to handle manually if the opener is not working. Installing garage doors in Dayton is something we do every single day. That kind of knowhow is hard to replicate through any means other than experience. Dayton Garage Door Pros is your local garage door expert here for you. We are here ready to help with any garage door concerns, from garage door installations to garage door spring replacements. Contact us today.

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