Broken Garage Door Springs Dayton OH

garage-door-spring-repairWhen garage door torsion springs snap, they can cause your garage door to grind to a halt and completely stop working. Torsion springs hold the majority of the weight of your door so that your automatic opener can lift and lower your door with ease.

When springs snap, they need to be replaced quickly in order to save your opener from working too hard and stripping your motor. We provide same day service for that to get your springs replaced quickly so you can get your cars out of the garage.

Why Did My Garage Door Springs Break?

There are several potential reasons why your garage door spring broke. It could be that temperature fluxuations were extreme enough to damage the integrity of the metal. Maybe the spring was improperly installed from the very beginning so it wore in a way that was focused on one spot. If you have large numbers of people, especially children, who spend lots of time in the garage, the springs may have been cycled at a rate faster than usual. A cycle is the door moving up and then moving down.

If you can’t remember when the springs were changed, then you probably reached the end of the spring’s life. No matter the reason, a broken garage door spring is a catastrophic failure of the door that you will notice. The noise will be quite loud and if the spring came loose, it could seriously hurt someone! You will absolutely need garage door spring replacement services.

Spring Failure can be a Safety Issue

broken garage door springs dayton
Thankfully, most garage door springs break when the door is in the down position. However, for those less lucky, when the springs break while the door is up, it can cause the door to slam down fast. Do not attempt to lift this door on your own! You could end up hurting yourself or doing more damage.

With Dayton Garage Door Pros you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best garage door technicians in town. All of the employees we send out into the community are background checked, licensed, bonded, and insured when performing their duties. We keep our prices competitive while still offering you added value. Our service comes with the best warranties available. Call today for your garage door spring replacement.

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