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Explore Dayton’s Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

boonshoft museum in dayton ohio
Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Boonshoft Museum is famous for its numerous stations that allow kids to gain scientific knowledge. These stations are sufficient enough for kids to get up to half a day full of experiences. It is advisable for you to allocate more visiting time if you intend to catch an IMAX movie or visit with young kids. If you reside out of town and interested in visiting the museum, it would be better to get a family membership from a science center within your locality. Remember to bring the membership card with you when visiting.

Members of certain science centers can gain entry to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, OH, free of charge or at discounted rates. Purchasing a Boonshoft Membership is a sensible option for guests residing in Dayton region and planning to visit the museum two or more times annually. Additionally, membership tends to be less costly for large families in comparison to solely two visits to this major tourist attraction site.

The Boonshoft Museum’s mission is to be the leading regional giver of interactive learning experiences to enrich both adults and children’s lives. The learning experiences also aim at enhancing the life quality in Dayton community and promoting a general understanding of our world.

Locations of science-based information at Boonshoft

It is undoubtedly clear that the Boonshoft Museum itself is a fun-filled place. You will not only find interactive stations, but the activities carried out help in promoting the science discipline. There are several places within the museum that allow kids to start making independent explorations. Alternatively, parents can walk their kids through and assist them to read and comprehend the scientific information given. In this way, kids get to enjoy and understand what the museum offers.

    • Discovery Zoo

The Boonshoft Museum serves as a home for the discovery of traditional science as well as a built-in zoo. The zoo would attract kids. It features smaller-sized animals to provide a perfect platform for kids to learn biology. The discovery-zoo remains open for the entire year. Hence, weather is not a key determinant on when to visit the museum.

    • Science on Sphere

This feature refers to a fascinating audio visual presentation that features the space and the planets. Kids are fond of changing globe effects as the demonstrator presents information regarding the space. Previously, it was necessary to have a separate ticket to access this show. However, it is currently included in the standard admission cost.

    • Explorers Crossing

This area forms part of Miami Valley History. The history also covers Dayton region and its science. The location of Explorers Crossing is on the second floor close to the Discovery Zoo. The exhibits that you will get a chance to see in this area cover the subjects of recycling, local businesses and many more. Explorers Crossing is an interesting and a perfect place for you to learn more details concerning Miami Valley’s history.

    • The Universe Hall

This region of the museum clearly tells the universe story. An exhibit added recently is about the sun, and it sheds light on the solar system. Kids get to learn more about the components of the universe, including the stars and the planets. The universe hall lies close to the planetarium dome of Carl Philips. On your visit day, you should check planetarium show’s schedule so that you can plan your time well.

    • Splash!

This extraordinary exhibit focuses on the utilization of water in the Miami Valley. This exhibit helps kids to learn more about the collection, cleaning and use of water resources by people. Another section also concentrates on water sanitation. A primary field covered under water sanitation is the water sewer system. At Splash! Your kids will get useful information on how to treat wastewater before returning it to nature.

    • Science Central

The science central region is busy and characterized by hands-on tasks that kids love. Its location is at the central part of the museum. It is partly a playground and partly a science exhibit.

Upcoming Events

    • Evening of Astronomy

This event will take place at the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, OH, on 18th March 2016. Entrance will be free of charge. The main theme will be an examination of some fascinating exoplanet inventions of 2015. The examination will follow a summary of the key strategies that scientists employ in the detection of exoplanets. Attendees should utilize this chance to explore a wide range of telescopes, inquire and understand more on the qualities to consider when purchasing a telescope. Telescopy is an interesting field and learning more about it is interesting. There will also be night sky observing, an activity that will be fun for kids.

    • Geekfest Event

The Geekfest event will take place on the 29th April 2016. It will be a night filled with games and fun meant for bringing out the geek in you and your kids. The Geekfest will bring together steampunkers, cosplayers, gamers, nerds, trekkies, and geeks. This event will be the second annual, and everyone is welcome. Parents and kids should attend to experience an evening of tournaments, video games, vendors, costume contests, trivia and demos in the planetarium. There will also be interesting hands-on prizes, activities, and experiments for the whole family. The participation fee is 10 dollars per head with online registration beginning on 24th March.

Based on the information provided, it is clear that the Boonshoft Museum has unique interactive experiences and traveling benefits to tap into your imagination. You will learn more about science as you tour the expansive 90,000 feet square of the museum as well as the two stories. This place is a platform for unlimited learning capability. Meet an actual Egyptian mummy, dance to the color wall rhythms and witness explosive scientific demonstrations. The museum gives kids a chance to see the only planetarium in the region and a real animal zoo. Kids will enjoy climbing a three-story tower and many more fun activities. This dynamic educational program and family-friendly tourist destination will give you an adventure of a lifetime. You, therefore, need to list the Boonshoft Museum as one of the must-visit destinations when visiting Dayton, OH. You and your kids will have a time of your lives at this perfect destination.

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