The Effectiveness of Garage Door Armor

The Effectiveness of Garage Door Armor It is annoying to get to your home only to realize that there are some missing items. You could have enforced some security measures such as using surveillance cameras and state-of-the-art locks but isn’t enough. Burglars have various tricks and one of them is breaking into your home via […]

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Garage Weather Sealing 101

Garage Weather Sealing 101 The garage is a standard feature in most homes across the world and has been since the late 1950`s. The material that was initially used to construct the doors for these structures was steel. Steel is an extremely weighty and robust material and, therefore, kept out even the extremist of elements […]

The Best Ways to Update Your Garage Door

If there is one feature in your home that can dramatically affect the view of your home from the outside it is the garage door. These days almost every single home has got a garage door, and the majority of them look quite drab. If you want to ensure that your home stands out from […]